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Gall bladder cancer

Gall bladder cancer is a common cancer of biliary system, and is usually diagnosed at advanced stage

Risk factors are
  • Large stone in gall bladder
  • Porcelain gall bladder (calcification of gall bladder wall)
  • Anomalous union of pancreatico-biliary ductal system
  • Adenomyomatosis
  • Family history of gall bladder cancer
  • Diagnosis is suspected on ultrasonography, which may show irregular thickening of gall bladder wall, or may show mass lesion.
  • CECT abdomen is the better modality for evaluation of suspected gall bladder cancer patients, and give information regarding the resectibility
  • Surgery offers the best chance of cure, however less than 20 % of cases are operable at time of presentation.
  • In unresectable patients, diagnosis is conformed by FNA and microscopy, and chemotherapy can be started, which however has only limited role.
  • ERCP and stenting can be done in patients with advanced tumors, for palliation of itching, cholangitis